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or renew your membership

Note:  Along with payment, all new and renewing members
must fill out and submit the 
membership form below

here for a pdf of the form if needed 


RASS Membership Form

Additional Family Members

RASS dues should be paid by January 1st for the next year and become delinquent after February 28. Please submit this form along with your PayPal payment (buttons below).  
You can also hand deliver payment to the Membership Chair at the general meeting, or mail it to:
Richmond Area Speleological Society P.O. B
ox 2740 Mechanicsville, VA 23116 

Privacy Policy: Protecting your personal information is important to RASS.
Our member information is used solely by RASS and will not be sold to any other companies/organizations for marketing purposes. Member information is published in the annual Member's Manual, available only to RASS members. 

***I have read the rules for the RASS Field Station (found here) and agree to abide by them: 

Individual Membership Classes

Regular Member (R)
      - NSS Member & 18+   
      - RASS as primary grotto (Voting)

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Associate Member (A)
      - Non NSS Member    
      - (Non-Voting)

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Affiliated Member (MB)
      - NSS Member    
      - RASS not primary grotto (Non-Voting)

Additional Family Member Classes


Family Regular (FR)
      - NSS Member & 18+   
      - (Voting)

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Family Associate (FA)
      - NSS Member
      - Dependent, under 18 (Non-Voting)

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Life Survivor (LS)
      - NSS Member    
      - (Voting)

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